Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have been knee-deep in preparations for our move, and for whatever reason, moving really triggers the nostalgic part of my brain.  As I pack up our stuff, I always find myself kind of reliving parts of our little journey together, and lately I have been thinking a lot about the first little apartment that Matt and I shared.  It was a cute itty bitty one bedroom, perfect for newlyweds and their gawky puppy.  I stumbled across some old pictures, and while I am sure they have been on this blog about five years ago, I thought I would share them anyway. 
Aww...look at our tiny furniture - would you believe we still have it?  Of course you would - you know all about my hoarding tendencies by now.  We are hoping that it will fit on the enclosed front porch at the new house.  And look! I was rockin' a geometric rug before it was cool.

 On to our 'dining room'...which was not a room at all but rather a nook across from the couch, next to the itty bitty kitchen. 

I remember ordering those bird cage decals from etsy and being so excited/nervous that Matt would hate them.  Haha!  He liked them...well..we said he did anyway. 

We had these neighbors that lived in the apartment next to us with three little yappy dogs that they used to let poop on their balcony.  So...we didn't spend a lot of time outside there.  Haha!

(By the way - those 'leather' parsons chairs are from target - and I have seen several people say that they have had them and they have fallen apart. Five years later ours are still looking great (and we even strap booster seats on them).  We actually just bought two more to round out the chairs at the table, and really...I can't complain.  Not a single crack or peel in the seating.  Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone had seen all the negative reviews! )

For whatever reason I never took a real picture of our bedroom?  It was nothing special, hand-me-down bed and mismatched nightstands(and generally always a HUGE mess), but still...it would have been fun to have to look back on!

So there it was - our very first apartment together! Tell me - what was your first apartment like? 


  1. Reminds me of our tiny first apartment. It was so tiny, but we do miss it. There is no way we could go back to living with 500 square feet though!

    1. Oh man..there is no way we could ever go back either! Haha

  2. The best word to describe our first apartment was crammed. Not because it was uber small or crowded with oversize furniture but because I felt the need to display all our wedding gift. Really? there was no need nor space for this. Maybe if I hadn't had everything out of the box we would have stayed there longer.

  3. How fun! We're only on our second flat so all the furniture is the same as the first one, but here's a picture of the outside of our first flat! http://www.annabelvita.com/2012/03/16/our-old-flat/


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