Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day 2013

In keeping with past tradition, I wanted to make sure that the boys got to do a little something for Earth Day this year (I was clearly was actually three days later on the 22nd!).  Traditionally we have planted something, but since we just planted a little vegetable garden last weekend, I decided to keep this Earth Day project more in the arts and crafts realm.  (Also I forgot to get anything for it until we were grocery shopping and I suddenly remembered - oops).  I grabbed this little birdhouse for $4 and squeezed out some craft paints for the little dudes.
I spread some craft paper out for them to paint on, just to try to keep the paint off of the mudroom floor.  You can get a roll of this stuff at the Dollar store - and you can use it for everything from wrapping gifts to well...painting. 

I handed them their brushes and away they went!
I didn't intentionally give them only shades of blue, but they mixed the colors together and we ended with a pretty little blue birdhouse.
Happy Earth Day little birdies! We hope you love your little blue house!

Earth Days past: 2010, 2012

Are you doing any Earth Day projects? 


  1. its really pretty. like really, it looks awesome :)

    1. It really did end up really neat!

  2. Love that you do something with them for Earth day. Great tradition! It turned out really cute!

  3. Looks cute! Love that you did a project with them for Earth Day.

  4. That did come out so cute!
    I think when painting with kiddos it's best to keep the colors similar or else everything ends up brown because they mix everything. At least I did as a kid. ;)

  5. Awwwwww what a fun project! It looks adorable.


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