Friday, April 12, 2013

Light It Up

As I hinted at the end of Monday's post, I had big plans for the ceiling fan in our bedroom.  You know the one...
Those ceiling tiles are ALSO on our honkin' big to-do list.
Now - I think this is purely a personal preference, but I really do not like having a fan blowing on me when I am asleep.  I know some people love it, but it is just not for me.  I get this panicky sense of not being able to breathe, which is not all that restful you know?

I have always loved the look of a pendent light over a bed, and waaay back in December I stumbled across a beautiful light on super-clearance at Lowes.

I happened to have a gift card that I had gotten for my birthday, so I snatched it up, even though I didn't know where I could use it (our old bedroom had super low ceilings - it wouldn't work there). 

I stored it safely away in our basement, but now little little fella is having his moment to shine!
Note the napping child and dog?  It's the only time I can write blog posts these days.
I actually took down the old fan and hung this light on my own, and for anyone feeling intimidated by lighting - don't be! I won't write a how-to for this, because there are SO many good ones out there.  (Here is one if you need it).  I will say that having two sets of hands makes replacing a ceiling light a lot easier, but it can be done if you just can't wait anymore!
I love the pretty brushed nickel finish of the fixture, and that the glass ball adds a little bit of glamor to it without making it fussy.  Pretty sure Matt would NOT dig anything too glitzy in there!

I do think that eventually I will replace the two white lamp shades on the nightstands to something closer to this shade.  Plus it picks up the beige in the rug, which I love.  I can't even tell you how much this changes the room in person.  I love walking in there and flipping the switch.

In fact, for a few days after I hung the light I am pretty sure I jacked our electric bill up from going in and just turning on the light to look at it :)
Our room still has a lot we will eventually do to it, such as window treatments, wall decor, blah blah blah, but I am very please with how far it has come!

Thank goodness for gift cards and clearance deals, otherwise this light would have had to wait for a loooong time for us to work our way down the list. 


  1. GORGEOUS! I want one!!! :)

    Seriously, do you guys want to come do projects at my apartment? You are on a ROLL!

  2. It looks fab! Way impressed with your skillz! Brandon would never let me attempt that!

    1. Haha he is the one that taught me how to do it!

  3. It looks amazing! I love clearance items (that is the only way we redecorate at all around here!). I can't wait to see the rest!

    1. Me too! Especially on things like this, that are beautiful but totally not necessary! Otherwise I would never spend that much on it, haha.


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