Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Dude Digs Update

I showed you the boys room before when it went from carpet and dark paneling to hardwood floors and primer, and since then we have made a lot of progress towards making this space a fun shared room for them both. 

About a week before we moved in, two of my sisters (Bethany and Emily) came over and helped me paint their room.  Jack really wanted their room to be blue, and although I knew he meant BLUE blue, we did tone the paint down to a very light blueish/grey called Azure Snow by Valspar. 
Em also made it her mission to remove all the gunk from the ceiling fan.  Thank goodness for sisters, you know?
It actually ended up a little lighter than I expected, but I like it, and they boys like it, so we were good to go!  On moving day this was the one room that I wanted to make sure was set-up by bedtime, in order to keep things as smooth as possible for the boys. 

My brother-in-laws and brother spend a good portion of the day figuring out how to put the boys beds together, and the next time I peeked in the room they had both of the beds set up.  And that is when I realized that I didn't buy any black out blinds for their I made do. 
Oh yes.  That IS tin foil over the windows.  The next day we picked up a couple of $5 paper blackout shades that look much less 'meth lab', which is a step up, wouldn't you say? Since then I haven't made a whole lot of changes in there.  We have tweaked the general layout and hung up a few things, but that is about it. 
I am looking forward to seeing this room evolve over time.  For instance, we have a matching twin bed for Luke when he is ready to transition to a big boy bed, and at some point I would like to get them a bigger rug, and also figure out some window treatments for the little windows. 
That said - it is still my favorite room in the house.   I taped the Adventure Map up on the wall just so I could get a general idea of how it would look - and eventually I want to try my hand at building a big frame for it. (Sidenote: when I hung up those airplane hooks and the capes I texted Matt and picture and told him we needed a third cape...he suggested I make one for the dog in that case.  Haha - so in case you were curious about a possible baby #3...there ya go).

And just one more - because I love a good before and after...
It is nowhere near finished, but I do like how far it has come, and the boys LOVE playing in there.  It makes my heart happy to hear their giggles from their room.  When they get older we have big plans that will result in them each having a room, but for this period in their lives I am so grateful that they get to have each other so close.

Did you share a room with a sibling?  I did! And I loved it. 


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