Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That Wall

You know the wall that you guys have seen like...I don't know...three or four times now?  This one?
Here is what it looks like head-on...
No seriously.  Our house really does look like this right now.  It's a slow process - but I know how great it will be in the end.

BUT ANYWAY.  On Sunday afternoon I was sitting at our table, staring at the wall (I do that) and Matt looked at me and asked what I was thinking.  'I'm thinking I want to see what is under that paneling'.  He shrugged - because he knows that when I get an itch to do something I just need to do it, and said 'go for it!'.

So I did.  And what do you think I found??
For the record - we shut off our electric for this one, since I had to pull out that light switch.
A solid sheet of plywood.  I was totally bummed when I first saw this, BUT WAIT! Do you see what I see?  Aqua plaster walls peeking through?  Original baseboards? It took me a good bit of work to get that wood off of the wall, but once I did I was pretty excited to find just a little bit more of the original details to love!
The color isn't really my jam, and we will need to patch and skimcoat this wall when we do the living room too, but I am just happy to know that this wall WILL be beautiful.  Someday in the distant future! Ha!  Also...I found a ghost of paneling past...
How about that pattern! I love that at some point - this was awesome to someone.  I think it's so fun to see the history of the house this way. 

And now for the before and progress ('s a LITTLE bit of progress anyway)...
I do realize that that comparison is less than amazing - but I can see it in my head! Also - clearly - I do not bother picking up background toys for these comparison pics. 

Also also - finishing out the doorway that we enlarged is on our to-do list for THIS weekend.  I'm so excited to see that come to life!

So what do you say?  Can I call that progress?


  1. so awesome that a nice wall is there for you!!! woot!!!!

  2. This is awesome!!! I love watching this house 'in progress' already looks amazing.

  3. Personally love the color - marks and all - I'd keep it :) But you know, you live with it!

  4. So many surprises in this house!

  5. Hahaha yay for great surprises! I love that your house has a hidden history to it that you are slowly uncovering! And that pattern... wow. ;)


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