Friday, April 26, 2013

The Things You Do

I totally failed on this last month,  so this is sort of March and April rolled into one.

Jack: You started telling jokes.  Some of them don't make sense, and some of them are so ridiculous that I wonder where you learned them! For example : I was laying on the floor and you ran over and said "Mommy, do you like showers?" I had no idea what was going on so I said "Umm..yeah?" and you proceeded to spit ALL OVER ME.  It was gross, and naughty, and seriously SO funny.  I still want to know where you picked that up!
 Luke: Dude.  You have got MOVES.  All of the sudden you love to dance, and any time a tune of any sort comes on, you break it down!

Jack: You still love to watch Jeopardy, and you now have a favorite commercial.  It is this one...

...and I do not know why you love it, but you laugh SO hard when that kid says "I'll never forget that Accord". 

Luke: You, my friend, have a temper.  You are at a stage where you REALLY want to be independent, but you are a little to small to do everything that you want to do.  So if I hold your hand when you don't want me to?  WATCH OUT MOMMA.  Also - you bite.
Jack: You are very protective of your little brother.  A few days ago you thought you found a snake (it was a worm) but I was so impressed that you called for me and you held Luke away from touching it until I could come.  Luke was pretty angry - but you held on to him for all you were worth to keep him safe from the 'snake'.

Luke: You had your 18 month check up, and you are looking good! You are 26.4 pounds, 2ft. 7inches tall. 
 Boys:  You really love to 'help' Daddy and I when we are doing work around the house, and you were especially obsessed with our hammers, so we picked up two very small 4oz. hammers and safety goggles for you guys.  You both LOVE them, and because they are your first 'real' tools you are not allowed to play with them any old time you want, so when you get to build something you get SO excited.

Boys: You guys LOVE anytime we do anything 'special' for dinner.  Like in the above pic, it was Taco night, so I made a goofy sombrero centerpiece.  It is funny how even the littlest things like that can just make dinner into an event for you guys. 

I know there are just a ton of things that I am missing, you guys seem to change every day! 


  1. Those boys are so cute!

    I bet they love having those hammers, I have such happy memories of making things out of balsa wood with my dad. I still have the sheep I made! (the "wool" was wood shavings and the legs were matches!)


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