Monday, April 29, 2013

Tweaks in the Boys Room

The boys room was the very first room to come together, because it was important to us that they felt like they had their own stuff in their own space.  Moving is hard on little ones (and big ones for that matter), so that was our way of making the transition easier on them.

That said, after we plopped down their beds and dressers, we kind of stalled out in there for a little while.  I had accumulated a few little treasures that I wanted to hang up in their room, so one sunny afternoon last week I hopped to it.  First up was the wall behind their beds.
 It's okay, but it's a little bare, and much like our bedroom, it just needed something on the walls behind their beds.  When Matt's mom cleaned out their basement (when she gave us that cool trunk) she also found a few boxes of things that had graced Matt's childhood room, including a bunch of really cool baseball pennants. I loved the thought of them being used in our kids rooms too, so I hung them up!
Sorry for the crappy picture - it's a rainy Monday here in PA!
I was worried that they might be able to grab them, so instead of tacks or nails I just used double-sided tape to hang them.  So far that is working okay, but I have had to rehang the Boston one twice now, so I will need to figure out a better solution!

Next up, I turned my attention to this big ol' blank wall. 
I had a bunch of framed things that I wanted to hang up, and because my frames are all different sizes, I just did it gallery style.  I laid them out of the floor in a few different arrangements, and then I just went for it.
 A better blogger would probably show you how they made paper templates or something, but really? I just held them up and then pounded in a few nails.  I'm so not a perfectionist - I just know what I like.  I think people get intimidated by gallery walls because other people make them in to such a production.  I'm not saying it's wrong to measure it all out, but if that isn't your style, don't worry about it. Here is my take - if you like it, hang it up.  It will make you smile. 

The 'art' in the gallery wall is numbered so I can blabber about it a little...

1. A print that used to hang in my Nanny's farmhouse kitchen.  It was there for as long as I can remember and it shows two little boys saying "you been farming long?"
2. A print that my mom found at a thrift store of pioneers crossing the Rocky Mountains.
3. Luke's first haircut certificate.  As soon as I find a frame I am going to add Jack's as well.
4. A schooner sketch that I found at Goodwill for $3.
5. My miniature collection from when I was little.  I love that thing.
6.  The boys framed bow-ties

I left some room to the right for the gallery wall to expand as I find more treasures for their room.  I did try to take a picture so you could see it in context a little but better, but this was the best I got...


  1. Love your boys' room! Did you consider velcro to hang the pennants? That when they come down they can go right back up!

    1. That is a great idea!! I think I even have some!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. the print from nanny's looks so great with everything!!! :)

  4. I'm so glad you snagged it for me!

  5. My husband used to have the same "Been Farming Long" print hanging up in his college apartment. I always thought it was cute.


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