Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Suitcase Storage

First - thanks for all of your love for yesterday's post about the floor.  It was nice to have people as excited about it as I was! :)

As anyone who has ever seen a kids room can tell you, toy storage is ALWAYS a necessity.

 We are blessed enough to have a space dedicated to toys and play (that is a whole other post), but even so - we still need toy storage for the little toys that the boys seem to prefer to keep in their room.
This was taken before I hung their pennants. And before I got them a new rug - which I haven't blogged about but you will see it in the pics below. 
I had been on the lookout for cheap toy storage, but even cheap toyboxes really aren't all that cheap - and we already have one toy box in there (that I found on the curb and repainted).  Also, because they share a room, there isn't a whole lot of unused wall space to put any kind of storage.

BUT.  About a week ago the boys and I were shopping a nearby Salvation Army, and I found these two matching suitcases.  Suitcases at a thrift store are a dime a dozen - there are always a TON, but I was happy to find two that matched.
Weirdly, they were priced differently, one at $4 and one at $5, but still, I can't complain about those prices! I lugged them home, gave them a quick clean-up with some orange-oil cleaner, cut out the middle divider and any straps, and told the boys to fill 'em up.
I've found that they both love to lug them around, and I am sure it won't be long until they start to 'pack' their suitcases.  Jack can open them on his own, although Luke cannot (but that also goes for things like the toy box - you just gotta help him a little!). 

The suitcases also fit really well with the whole "Adventure is out there" thing going on in their room! For the safety conscious - I was a little put off by the metal edges - but it is rolled on the edges, so it is pretty dull.  I ran my fingers along all of the edges to check it out - and it isn't any sharper than most of the playground equipment we have come across.

So tell me - what have you found to help you store all the odds and ends that collect around your place?  Any other suitcase users out there? 
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  1. Oh I should add! I made sure to get suitcases that were large enough for storage but small enough that no one could be shut inside! Yikes.

  2. oh I can see it now...where's luke?

  3. What a fun little way to store things! Cute suitcases, too! We have bins, bins, and more bins around here! I even had my two little guys weed out their toys last weekend and I still feel like they're taking over the house. Agh! :) Thanks for sharing this cute idea! Have a great night!

    ~Abby =)

  4. What a great idea Bekah! Cheap, functional, and cute! Perfect combo. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  5. I love this idea! It's a great way for the boys to kind of have their own treasure chests :D
    Thank you for linking up to DIY Maynia :)

  6. That is so clever. I liked your mention that it is small enough that they can't close each other inside. Not a mother yet and that would have never occurred to me.

  7. What a terrific find and such a charming way to store the Legos and cars. And the suitcase will get tons of use on its own as well, I bet :)

  8. This is a really great idea and kids love the fact they can pack and unpack to their hearts content! Some ideas I found for storage for my kids endless amount of stuff include stringing hammocks across the corners of the room for soft toys and using the space under the beds, which keeps the room tidier too.

  9. Now that's an interesting storage idea that I would not have thought of! I might actually incorporate that at home in Illawarra if I can only figure out what I can put in it…


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