Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The House on Thistle Hill

Doesn't that sound like a great novel?  Something along the lines of Wuthering Heights? Yeah, well...it's not.  It's actually MY house.  When we first saw it...it looked like this...

And aw...isn't that little juniper covered hill just precious? Do you see all that dead stuff on the hill? Yeah...keep that in mind. 

 About three weeks into spring I noticed some little weeds coming up through, and thought "Hmmm I should go pull those".  But I didn't, and they apparently got busy and multiplied like Duggars. Don't believe me?
Yep. ALL thistles.   They are as high as the windows in some places! I don't like to weed, and I am not particularly good with plants anyway, but I knew that something had to be done! So I pulled on my gloves, and started pulling up thistles.  I was relieved to find that the roots did actually pull out pretty easily, so it was just a matter of finding the time.  Matt and I worked in shifts yesterday, and after a whole lot of this...
 ...we now have the front hill looking like this...
I would say we are about three quarters of the way there.  Pulling thistles is no joke! Unfortunately it looks like some of the Juniper got a bit choked out and is dying away, but hopefully we can get it to grow back.  

I know someone will ask why we didn't just use a weed-killer, and the honest truth is that I am just uncomfortable pulling that into the ground, especially this close to our well, and we would have had to use a LOT, and it might have killed the juniper as well.  So...yeah, that's why! 

Anyone else out there battling the weedy forces of nature?  Or are you happily letting your yard turn into Jumanji?


  1. I know vinegar kills weeds. Is thistle a weed?

  2. A mixture of white vinegar and blue Dawn worked well on our weeds. It didn't kill my flowers, just the weeds. Found it on Pinterest. Thistles might be impervious, though.

  3. My local garden shop friends say the more you invest in your soil, the less you'll have unwanted plants get through. Takes longer than weed killer, but it could be a start - I think juniper even likes aerated (even rocky) soil, which plenty of other things can't tolerate, so maybe you could start with some vermiculite..

  4. We are finally getting rid of the weeds in our yard too. I can't imagine having to pull as many as you did though. I'm sure that was a good workout. The yard is looking good though. I love your little house.

  5. Oh man. Yard work. It's such hard work and you're left with a pile of dirt haha.


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