Tuesday, June 18, 2013


**This is my 1000th post.   I feel like that deserves a mention!**

We are moving back out into the mudroom for this post, sorry to bounce around so much, but that is how I do stuff around the ol' casa.  So anyway...in the mudroom there are two doors.  One leads in from the outside, and one then leads into the kitchen.  For the visual learners...
Pretty simple.  So anyway...as you can see, the doors are in relatively rough shape.  They are solid doors, but they have seen their fair share of wear and tear.  I actually kinda liked the black and white thing that was going on with the doors (they were the same) but the above picture illustrates the damage to the outside door.  The bottom had been exposed to a lot of water (because the wheelchair ramp held it up again the door) so it was rotted at the bottom.  We replaced that one (that is a different post though).  

The door to the kitchen on the other hand, was completely fine, just a little dingy.   I wanted to give it a fresh look to go with the rest of the mudroom, so I headed out and checked out some paint chips.

 Let me tell you...this was a tough one to narrow down! In the end I went with 'Sauna' by Allen+Roth for Valspar, because it didn't have a purple undertones that a lot of the blues seemed to have.  I picked up a quart of exterior paint in semi-gloss. And now...

It doesn't scream at you, but it is a nice fresh color in there! (Oh, don't mind the stuff on the dry sink, it kind of landed there and it looking a little more country than I would like) There are still one or two things we want to wrap up out here - like removing the now defunct dryer vent - but it is nice to have a room almost finished! 

And for the sake of seeing how far we have come...
Have I mentioned how much I love to see before and afters?  I really do. 

Sidenote: I get asked pretty frequently if the floor gets dirty quickly, and I'm not sure how to answer.  I guess so?  That is the point of the mudroom though - to keep the dirt from coming into the house.  It is an easy surface to clean, I just sweep and then use a spray-mop on any muddy spots. 

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  1. I LOVE THIS ROOOM!! And congrats on 1,000 posts!

  2. 1,000 posts!? holy cow! that's a lot!
    I love the color you chose. I think it ties into the room perfectly.

    1. Thanks!

      Yep 1000! Although to be fair - that is over five years, and the first year I posted twice a day (I had a boring office job before we had kids!). Now I average more like 120 posts a year.

  3. I can NOT get over your mudroom. It's just amazing. The blue door just bumps it up another notch! It makes me SO excited to see what you do to the rest of the house!!! :D

    PS congrats on 1000 posts!

  4. i would have never picked that color but i LOVE it! great choice!

  5. Nice, Bekah! AK

  6. Love the color you picked! It goes perfectly in the room! Gorgeous!

  7. Happy 1000th post! I love the color you chose for the door! It looks so fresh in there :)

  8. I love the mudroom, you did an amazing job on the floors! It has such a fresh, spring look to it and the door matches perfectly.

  9. I love it. The floors are my favorite part!


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