Monday, June 24, 2013


Totally a word. 

I made a little more progress in knocking the pink/mauve out of the kitchen over the weekend.  When last we looked, I had painted the countertops, but the backsplash was still less than appealing. 
The pink stuff is some sort of a laminate sheet, and in places it actually runs behind some of the cabinets, so short of tearing all of that down (which we just aren't ready to do), we had to find a temporary solution to the pink.   We thought about doing a paintable wallpaper like we did in the last house, but we weren't sure that it would really stick to this pink stuff, so we went a different route...
Chalkboard paint! It was quick, easy, and it is a fun place to leave little messages.  Matt particularly likes that I wrote "good morning, sunshine!" next to the coffee, because dude?  I am SO not a morning person. 
I like that it helps hide the fan above the stove.
 That thing is old, but functional, so it is nice for it to kind of blend in to the background.  When the ultimate critic(Jack) woke up, I asked him if he liked it.  His reply?  "It's ok.  I wanted white."

Well then.  I guess 3/4 approval is all we can ask for 'round here. 

Here is a little side-by-side action so you can see that AT LAST the pink is really gone!
It looks much less "crazy cat lady" to me now, you know? 


  1. It's okay, I wanted white... hahaha!
    I like it though!

  2. Right?! He is such a stinker.

  3. I really think this is adorable! And so is Jack -- holy cow! You may be raising a future DIY-er by the sounds of it!

  4. OMG! Please, please, please come redecorate my house.

  5. This is my favorite reno of yours to date! I love it!

  6. Love it! Such a cute idea and it's miles better than that pink! Definitely much less crazy cat lady- haha.

    Jack is hilarious!

  7. White...seriously? He is a boy after all!! Love your kitchen makeover. It is adorable!!

  8. That is really pretty looks nice and sophisticated but also playful! If Jack really wants white and it becomes an issue you could always re paint it with whiteboard paint. Although with the color countertops and the wood cabinets I think black looks better.

  9. Oh my gosh! I love it! Now i totally want to do the same in my kitchen! Such a great idea!!!

    1. for the record i totally painted mine yesterday and LOVE it! I also saw a design on pinterest (of course) to do a faux subway tile on the chalkboard. I am pumped!

  10. So how is this holding up after a few months? We live in a 60 year old cape that my FIL built and my kitchen STILL looks much like your "before" picture except we have blue/pink bunny wallpaper and border that HIS first wife installed! I've lived here 14 years!!!

    I'd love an update! I don't blog...but if you have time, can you shoot me an email at:


    1. Hi Tracee!

      I tried to email you, and I keep getting a failure notice. So just in case you come back here to check...

      it's holding up well! In retrospect I realized that I should have lightly sanded the pink laminate that I painted over. I think if you are painting over a regular wall it would be fine, but since the surface I painted was glossy I should have given the paint something to stick to. That said - there is still only one little scratch that has been made since I painted it!


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