Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Things You Do : Summer Edition

I've totally slacked on updating about my little family, so I will attempt to make that up.  This summer has been a total whirlwind. We went on a family vacation to West Virginia, and while we were there Matt learned that he had been offered a teaching position nearby! Needless to say, he accepted!   I know he is excited to be back in the classroom, doing what he loves!

Jack:  You have grown up so much.  I look at you and I see long legs and strong hands.  You ask smart questions and you are always learning.  Speaking of learning, you start school next month! You are very excited, and honestly, so am I.  I know you are ready, and I know you will thrive in school. It is only two days per week, for two hours a day, and we can literally walk there from our house.

Luke:  My baby.  I really can't call you than anymore.  You are almost two, and you are talking like a big boy.  Today you asked me "Where honey dog?" when you wanted to pet Jacobear.  It blows my mind that you are making your own sentences.

Jacobear: Stop sleeping on my bed when we leave.  I see your hair, you are really aren't that sneaky.  Ya doofus.

Jack:  You are such a great encourager.  I don't know if that is a normal quality in a three (almost four) year old, but really, you are.  You tell me quite often that I am a great sweeper, or a great worker, or a great cook...etc.  It's just so dear.  Your words are precious to me, kiddo.
With cousins Emerson and Gemma on vacation.
Luke: At twenty-two months, we finally called it quits on nursing.  You really weren't nursing much anyway, but you were sad not to nurse before bed.  HOWEVER, since we stopped nursing you are FINALLY sleeping through the night.  That's right, TWENTY-TWO MONTHS you didn't sleep through the night.  That was pretty bogus kid.
Wearing some really rad helmets in Canaan Valley.

All in all, this summer has been equal parts wonderful and hard, but it's been good.  We have learned a lot about what our little family needs to thrive, and how to pick up where we may fail and try again tomorrow.
Matt starts teaching again in about a week, so it feels like the summer is really drawing to a close, but it has been a good one!


  1. Precious memories...AK

  2. Matt is teaching again? So awesome!
    Love all of the photos.

  3. Love these photos and your sweet summer memories with your boys! Hooray for sleeping through the night! :)


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