Monday, September 30, 2013

Decking the Walls

Now that our walls are finally looking good, I can go about the process of hanging up some pretties.  I have had a long time to stew on this room, and yet...I still havent figured out what to do with the living room walls.  I've got an idea - but that is another post. 

Now...the dining room on the other hand...I've known what I wanted there for a while now! Here is the dining side of this room, in all it's sparse glory.  I figure we will go about filling it in slowly.
After patching plaster for months, I want to be very careful with planning out where I make a new hole here.  This is new to me - because I am very much an "eyeball it and hang it up" kinda gal.

If you remember our last house, I hung blue and white plates in our kitchen, and I have had them wrapped and waiting to get another chance to shine.  I took the time to trace templates on to plain old computer paper, and I marked where the hanger was on the back of each plate as well. Then I went ahead and taped them up on the wall to see if I liked it. 

I sent the above picture to Matt to make sure he liked it - I didn't hear back to I assumed that was a go :)

I decided not to mark the wall and risk ending up with my plates in slightly different places, so I actually drilled straight into the wall through the template. 

You can't see it too well in the very boring pic to the right, but we did use anchors.  After seeing just how crumbly plaster can be we didn't want to take too many chances on hanging plates!

Next up it was just a matter of ripping the paper off of the wall and hanging the plates!
As you can see - the plate on the bottom right is broken and re-glued.  I will replace it when I find one I like - but until then, let's call it character, ok? 
I plan on moving the sideboard back into this room (it is temporarily standing in for an entertainment stand), and it will go against this wall as well. 

Far from finished, but also far from where we started! Woo-hoo for progress!

Next up - window treatments! (man...the fun just never stops around here, huh?)

Friday, September 27, 2013

At Last

I feel like if posts needed a soundtrack, Etta James would definitely be crooning to this one.  I realize that this is not nearly as dramatic to...well...anyone else, but I spend my days home with the boys, and I am so happy to no longer be looking at weirdly patched walls in the living/dining room.  We started the living room before we even moved in, so sometime in February is when we had our before...
....and then we took down the paneling and things got weird with the dried glue EVERYWHERE.
 So we scraped and scraped and cursed a little bit until we were down to bare plaster walls. At that point we were out of time so we moved in with the walls as they were.  A month or so later one of Matt's buddies came over and they patched up those weird little built ins.
Usually I love built-ins, but the off-center wonkyness of these was too much.  Plus we all know that little boys and glass doors do not mix.

And then we stalled out.  Call it a crazy summer, call it laziness, whatever - we just never got around to finishing it up.  Eventually it got to the point where people were starting to ask "So...what's happening with these walls?" which was kind of the kick in the pants that we needed, so we knocked that project out last weekend with the help of my mom and step-dad.  
And the boys...they were a HUGE help.  How else would we have gotten paint on Jacks head AND the window? 

It took me forever to decide on a paint color.  The dining room and living room are open to each other, so I didn't want anything too dark or too overwhelming.  Eventually I settled on "Gelato" by Valspar, and it is perfect.  It's a greyish putty color.  On the swatch in the store I thought it looked a little greenish, but in our home it is just what I was looking for, plus it looks good with the furnishings we already have!
Please ignore the unclothed child.  I tried and tried and tried, and this was as close as I could get.  Oy.  We still have a lot of plans for this room (adios brass ceiling fan) but MAN it has come a long way!

And turning to the dining area...
Aaand ignore the dog.  Moving on.  Again...lots of plans, but much better than it was!

Phew! That is one big fat check on our looong to-do list. 
*Oh, and no, we didn't get new furniture, we have actually had this set from when we first got married, and we felt that it fit better than the big grey sofa so we sold that one instead and brought this out of storage. 

** Also - did you notice how many people we have helping us in the pictures above?  Are our friends and family not awesome?  I am so grateful for their willingness to let me boss them around :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jack's FIRST First Day of School

It happened. My baby grew up, and went to school. He attends a 3 yr. old preschool class two days a week, for roughly two hours a day. His first day was Wednesday, September 4th, and you guys? 
He LOVED it. He had gotten to meet his classmates and his teachers the day before, and he never once showed any fear or anxiety, only excitement.  He woke up around 6:30 in the morning and it was all I could do to get him to wait until 8:30 to start our walk to school. 
Instead of a backpack, they bring buckets, which then double as their cubbies.  He worked hard on decorating his with airplanes and monster trucks the night before his big day. 

When they opened the door to his classroom, he gave me a kiss, and walked right in like  he had been doing it for ages.  I anxiously counted down the minutes to pick-up time, and was greeted with all smiles and stories about school. 
 I don't think we could have asked for a better first day! It is bittersweet to be sure, but I am so glad we decided to start this year, he was clearly ready for it!

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