Monday, September 30, 2013

Decking the Walls

Now that our walls are finally looking good, I can go about the process of hanging up some pretties.  I have had a long time to stew on this room, and yet...I still havent figured out what to do with the living room walls.  I've got an idea - but that is another post. 

Now...the dining room on the other hand...I've known what I wanted there for a while now! Here is the dining side of this room, in all it's sparse glory.  I figure we will go about filling it in slowly.
After patching plaster for months, I want to be very careful with planning out where I make a new hole here.  This is new to me - because I am very much an "eyeball it and hang it up" kinda gal.

If you remember our last house, I hung blue and white plates in our kitchen, and I have had them wrapped and waiting to get another chance to shine.  I took the time to trace templates on to plain old computer paper, and I marked where the hanger was on the back of each plate as well. Then I went ahead and taped them up on the wall to see if I liked it. 

I sent the above picture to Matt to make sure he liked it - I didn't hear back to I assumed that was a go :)

I decided not to mark the wall and risk ending up with my plates in slightly different places, so I actually drilled straight into the wall through the template. 

You can't see it too well in the very boring pic to the right, but we did use anchors.  After seeing just how crumbly plaster can be we didn't want to take too many chances on hanging plates!

Next up it was just a matter of ripping the paper off of the wall and hanging the plates!
As you can see - the plate on the bottom right is broken and re-glued.  I will replace it when I find one I like - but until then, let's call it character, ok? 
I plan on moving the sideboard back into this room (it is temporarily standing in for an entertainment stand), and it will go against this wall as well. 

Far from finished, but also far from where we started! Woo-hoo for progress!

Next up - window treatments! (man...the fun just never stops around here, huh?)


  1. Replies
    1. When I asked Jack if he liked it he said "mmm. NO"

  2. So cute! I think it would be fun to paint over the white part of the cracked plate with white chalkboard paint and use blue chalk for cute messages!

    1. Thats a great idea! Sadly that plate fell off the wall again when we weren't home (I think the glue gave out), and while I could try to glue it again, I dont want to risk it falling again and possibly hurting the boys or the dog. Such a shame - it was a pretty plate.

  3. Dan and I have been looking at a house that needs some updates to possibly buy and I swear I need to bring you and Emily to it so the two of u can work your DIY magic


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