Friday, October 25, 2013

An Autumn Day

A change in usual Thursday plans gave us an extra weeknight all to ourselves, so we bundled up and made a special moment out of a chilly picnic at a nearby lake followed by some fishing.
We made these plans the day of, with a last-minute scramble to find hats and coats, pack sandwiches and apples, but aren't those the days that always end up the best?
We didn't have bait, but since we aren't exactly master-fishermen, little bits of bread on our hooks more than met our requirements.
They also met the requirements of the little sunnies hiding under the dock.
It never fails that Luke catches the first fish on his two foot long Cars rod, and it held true for us on this trip as well.
Jack determinedly held his rod as still as he could, and in no time at all he had hooked a Bass.
Sure it was the tiniest fish I have ever seen caught on a line, but did that temper Jack's excitement?
Of course not!

I am so glad Matt suggested that we make this last-minute trip.  It is one I won't be forgetting! 


  1. How fun....and the boys are so darn cute!! Love the one of Jack...he is thrilled and it shows! I love your family Bekah!! So sweet.

    1. Thanks!! They are a fun crew!

    2. Whoops sorry! Apparently I was logged in to Matt acct!

  2. Your boys are freakin' adorable!! Looks like a perfect afternoon! :)

    1. Thanks!! We ad a ton of fun - despite the cold! (Totally forgot my jacket)

    2. Whoops sorry! ^^ that was me, not Matt!

  3. Love this post. I enjoy your blog immensely but this post was special. And yes these little spur of the moment trips are the best. And those tiny fish were perfect. My littles who aren't so little still get excited no matter how big their fish are. Happy Fall!


  4. Your boys look so happy with the cute little fishes! Treasure those memories.
    Angie in Tennessee


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