Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Digs

Hey, wanna see what our little place looks like all Christmasy?  I'm going to pretend that was a yes.  Here we go...
 Come on in! This is the 'front' door.  I say 'front' because really it is the back door, but it is the only one we use.  I used the garlands we had bought last year, as well a few new ones that we picked up for less than $5 a pop.  For the window swags I cut branches from our huge spruce trees in the backyard.  They needed to be limbed up a little anyway, so we reused for some pretty decorations!

Going through the door into the mudroom, you run into our first tree.
It's not a real tree, and its decorated with paper snowflakes and fake snow.  Not going to be featured in a magazine anytime soon...but we like it! Oh and the cardinal is not a decoration.  He snuck in one morning and fluttered around for a while.  I opened all of the doors and windows and then he left! From the mudroom you go through one more door...

Moving into the house, you enter the kitchen, which isn't decorated at all. I know...sorry! Ahem...moving on.  The living room/dining room got the brunt of the Christmas decorating, from our long shelf on this side of the room.... our tree over on this side!

Oh and I have to direct your attention to the centerpiece on our table.   I'm pretty sure it's the cutest thing I've done for the past few weeks.  
I found this tiny tree coming up next to our garage.  He is adorable so I gave him tiny wooden lights.  It had to be done.  Aside from that the only place I have really put any decorations is in our room...
And that was kind of only because I had one leftover garland and that little "JOY" bunting.  The boys do have a tree in their room, a tiny little guy with lights, but that's it.  I would love to hang some twinkly lights in there but they are still at the point that I don't trust them with cords.  

So there it is.  Our little place at Christmas! Nothing crazy - but still festive and fun for us! 

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  1. Your house is so inviting! It's all warm & cozy.

    1. Thanks! It's a small little place, so cozy comes with the package!

  2. I totally disagree with your mudroom not being magazine worthy! It is beautiful, i love it!!!!

  3. Wow, very charming! Love the photos! I like your style, it's darling and cozy! I love all the pinecones and greenery. Have yourself a merry little christmas!!

  4. I love all of your Christmas decor! It looks so great in and charming in the snow! :)


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