Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Leaky Situation

Since shortly after we moved in, the faucet in our sink has leaked, not in the traditional 'drip, drip, drip' way, but rather water welling up from the base of the faucet.  Couple that problem with the fact the the silver finish was actually flaking off at a rather alarming pace (think...silver flakes in the Brita pitcher), and we knew that we should probably replace it sooner rather than later.
The problem?  Well...faucets are actually pretty pricey, and nice ones?  They get absurd REALLY fast.  I just can't see myself paying $400 for something like that.  Ever.  We were casually on the lookout for a new one within our price range (under $100), but we didn't want to just settle on the cheapest one - because even the cheap ones are $60 or so.  Enter Lowes clearance once again - and we found this one marked down to $75.  It's discontinued on Lowes website, but online it's around $200.  So...not top of the line - but nicer than anything else we have found for the money.

I really wanted to try my hand at installing this myself - but first we had to dismantle the first one.  Which, as we learned, is a WHOLE lot harder than it sounds.  It ended up taking both of us to just get the old one out, since all of the fittings were more or less rusted into place.  After that though - it was SO easy to install.  Like...crazy easy.

And so...no more water all over the countertop, SUPER convenient with the pull-down sprayer, better water pressure, and it's darn pretty.


  1. my dream faucet...congrats on the find, it looks lovely!

  2. OH! I wish I would have caught that deal too, we need a new faucet (& sink) badly!
    Looks gorg!

    1. It was at the Lowes in Mechanicsburg. It never showed that it was on clearance online - but who knows..maybe there is one or two left in stock! If I ever see another killer deal I'll let ya know!

  3. Gorgeous! I'd love a new faucet for our kitchen sometime soon!


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