Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning House

It's that time again...the time of year when the chaos becomes too much to bear, and I throw away half of our belongings.

OK - it's not really that drastic, but it is somewhat therapeutic for me to go through the places that clutter seems to accumulate and pare down on things we do not need.  I am not, by nature, an organized person.  I was always the kid with a box of rocks and other treasures under my bed, and I still sometimes find myself keeping things only for the sake of keeping them.  Things like Jack's first birthday decorations.  I mean, sure I could keep one or two things, but not ALL of them, you know?

I started a few days ago, with Sunday marking the big craft closet clean-out.  I say 'big' because...well... got a little out of control in there.

The safe kind of came with the house.  It's bolted to the floor and we haven't quite figured out what to do with it just yet, so that stayed the way it was.  I started by taking EVERYTHING out of the closet and spreading it out on Jack's bed to see exactly what we were up against here.
It looked worse spread out.

I threw away all of the crumbled papers, puzzles that were missing pieces, broken crayons, etc.  I also put aside a full garbage bag of old towels, pillow cases, and sheets that had been hiding in the back of the closet, I will drop that off at Goodwill when we make out final run.

After that it was a matter of reassembly.  I took out part of the shelving to make the shelves more shallow - because I could never get to the stuff in the back.  I also relocated the spare sheets and blankets to the wicker trunk at the foot of our bed.
Ahhhh doesn't that just make you feel better? It makes me feel better!

Are you doing any sort of New Year's clean-out?  I'd love to hear how it is going!


  1. Such a big difference!

    I'd been working on a major cleanout, but then got the plague and literally did not get out of bed all weekend. So now, we've just got PILES of half-sorted stuff all over the house and I'm still too beat to do anything about it, lol. Awesome.

  2. I need to do that very thing....but don't know where to start! I guess a list would help, but....

    My goal this year and word for the year is simplify. That being said...I have not started! LOL

    1. I started by making a list of all of the places that make me want to say curse words when I try to find something in them. No joke.

  3. My in-laws keep the kids for a week after New Years (minus the baby). For the first three days all I do is clean and organize. The craft closet is always the first thing I attack.


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