Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day

We have been cooped up for days. Between Jack, who had pink eye in both eyes and now has a never ending cold/fever, and Luke with the same cold and an ear infection to boot, we just haven't been able to get out like we like would like to. So when the skies opened yesterday and dumped the most perfect packing snow this year - we jumped at the chance to stretch our legs.  
It's funny how even though we live in Pennsylvania, where snow is really not a rare thing, it is still magic.  We all turn into children, digging and sliding and laughing.
Chucking snowballs this way and that (which always seem to end up heading my way). Look at how happy that man is to be pelting me with a snowball.  Good thing he is cute.
Matt took it upon himself to help the boys build the biggest snowman EVER, so they rolled and rolled while Luke and I gathered up the top hat and carrot nose needed to make this guy something special.
 Sure we forgot enough stones to make our snowman smile, and yeah...his head ended up a little bit on the skinny side...
But still.  Best snowman ever.

PS: I just now realized that my scarf is still outside.  I should really get that, since we are supposed to be getting a few more inches dumped on us tomorrow.


  1. There are quite a few things I miss about living in PA, but the snow is not one of them. I have no desire to ever be cold.

  2. Love these pictures! Nothing beats the magic of a snow day!


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