Friday, February 14, 2014

Special Delivery

I've been thinking a lot lately about the split seconds that occur in our lives when we can impact others.  When we are their 'one chance' at something.  Maybe it's just a smile at the grocery store or kindness to a neighbor, but if you have one tiny moment to impact another person's day, are you taking it?

I think I fail at this more often than not, but today?  Today we seized our moments and battled the elements to deliver some Valentine's goodies.  Because of the crazy amount of snow we got yesterday we didn't make it to as many people as we would have liked, so some belated gifts will be heading out later this week, but still! We tried!
Yesterday during the snow storm we hunkered down inside and make our little gifts, which are just simple heart bird-feeders.
They are simple as can be, just plain gelatin, hot water, and birdseed.
But the smiles on faces when these two showed up with flowers and a gift?  They were priceless.   I hope the boys always remember how much they can brighten someone's day by just investing a little bit of time and effort in them.

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers! Take advantage of all of the chances you have to be someone's 'happy' today!

PS: Family members - if we didn't get to you today, pretend to be surprised if you are suddenly given a crumbly heart shaped bird feeder!

PPS: 2 packets plain gelatin, 1/2c hot water til dissolved, 1.5c birdseed pressed into molds.



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