Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bathroom...Befores

Today marks one year living in our little place, and I still love it just as much! Maybe more now actually.

About three weeks ago we started our real bathroom renovation.  I say 'real' because we had previously done some work in here just to make it into something we could live with until we could really DO the room. This is involved ripping out the old carpet (yep. carpet), tearing down a very moldy wall that previously housed a stackable washer and dryer unit, taking down as much paneling as possible, painting the vanity top with the leftover paint from the kitchen, and putting down a temporary floor in the form of the cheapest sticky tiles we could find.  The end result?  Well...she still wasn't pretty folks.  You know how on some of those home reno shows they will show a snobby couple walking into a perfectly fine, if dull, bathroom and they turn up their noses and say something along the lines of "this is a total gut job!".

I want to smack those people.  Now this?  This is a gut job, mmmmkay?  Remember, this is AFTER we had taken out some of the scarier components...
 Ahem.  Yeaaaaaah.  To be fair...the gunk on the wall was a result of me slowly chipping off some old tiles, so it didn't look like that the WHOLE time.  But look, the room has a window, which is nice! We've never had a bathroom with a window before...
And hey...that old vanity DID have a lot of storage going for it...and (being 100% serious here) that mirror was actually really cool. Oh the red lamp...the overhead light worked when/if it wanted to, so it was there as backup.  I don't miss the red lamp.  At all.
There were these weird holes in the wall...we never really figured out why they were there.   It wasn't my favorite room in the house.  

But you have to start somewhere right? 



  1. This can only mean one thing! An awesome after picture post! It has to go up from here haha

  2. I will never understand carpet in the bathroom. When we bought the lakehouse, it had carpet in the master bathroom and -surprise,surprise- the floor underneath of it was completely molded. I can't wait for your after!!


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