Monday, August 18, 2014

Get Into the Woods

Matt and I had a text exchange on Thursday that looked a little something like this:

Me: Oh my gosh, you start teaching Monday, don't you?  We never took the boys camping this summer!

Matt: Oh shoot.  Saturday?

So, yes.  Planning is not really our strong suit, but we are great at flying by the seat of our pants!  We had a jam-packed day on Saturday, as we had already planned to go to a local wildlife park with Matt's parents, but we rallied.  We quickly packed our camping gear into the car, grabbed some grilling food and s'more ingredients, and off we went.
 There is just something relaxing about getting everything set-up and smelling the wood-smoke from the fire.  It was like I could feel the stress melting away.  And speaking of melting - oh, did the boys ever LOVE the s'mores.
It's funny, the first time we took the boys camping they were much younger, and it was fun - but hard.  I felt like I was constantly chasing someone, telling them to back away from the fire, etc.  This time though - it was just FUN.  They are growing and maturing and while there is a big part of me that wants them to stay little, I really love seeing them change and adapt.
This was the first year they were allowed to 'help' with the fire.  I'll be the first to say that Matt is much better at letting them take risks and learn things like this than I am, and in no time at all he had them scurrying around the campsite gathering kindling and blowing on the flames.  
All in all - a fabulous impromptu camping trip! I'm so grateful to live in this place, with these people.


  1. I love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to keep looking around!

  2. What FUN! And on the fly yet....great job Mom and Dad! Jack and Luke look so happy on their
    camping adventure. Love all the photos and my stomach is rumbling for a s'more :)
    Love to all, Oukie

  3. The boys are getting so big, and it sounds like such fun for your entire family to get that one last camping trip in before school starts again.

    Smores, and dogs and tents...perfect.


  4. Looks like you all had a blast! These pictures of the boys are so cute :)


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