Wednesday, August 6, 2014

See them Sleep

If you follow me on instagram (hello_rebekah) you will know that I have an everlasting love of watching (and photographing) my boys as they nap.  Ever since Luke was about one and half years old, the boys have napped together, in my bed.  Yes, I know this is against the 'rules.  No, I do not care.

So annnnyway.  Pictures.  Boys.  Sleeping.  These are actually taken over the course of about two months, not all at once, and I love the variation in their poses.  Sometimes they hold hands, sometimes they flop on opposite ends of the bed.


It just never gets old to me.  I know these days of sweet quiet naptimes are soon coming to an end.  Jack is going on five now, and will be starting afternoon school next month.  So I will cherish every second of hearing the sweet rise and fall of their breath as they rest their growing bodies.


  1. How do you get them to nap??? None of mine ever took naps after 2.5 years.

  2. There will never be too many of these photos, so beautiful and innocent. Please kiss the boys for me, even if they wipe it off :)
    Love you, Oukie

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of our boys, Rebekah.

  4. I love taking pictures of my boys sleeping too- the many variations are timeless, aren't they?! Your stash here are gorgeous and so lovely for building up memories of your sons when they were young :)


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