Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well Hey There

So.  Yes.  I fell off of the blogging wagon.  It got to the point where so much had happened that I didn't know how/where to start.  So let's see, the last time I posted was in August.  Since then:

1. In September, Jack broke his femur.  It was horrible, but it is over and he demonstrated over and over how resilient and brave he is.  It was a freak accident, he was just running down a hill, he stopped, turned, and fractured his left femur.  There is so much I could write about it, but every time I try I get choked up and I just can't do it.

We were determined to make Halloween fun for both of the boys this year, we didn't want it to be the year that wasn't fun just because circumstances didn't work out to our liking.
My dear brave baby spent a week in traction at the hospital, then 8 weeks in a spica cast.  He got his cast off in November and was WALKING three days later.  It was a really hard season, but we grew a LOT as a family.  I think we all learned that we were capable of much more than we thought.

2.  WHILE Jack was in his cast, Matt switched career paths.

3. Also while he was in his cast we moved (ugh yes, again) about an hour north.  It's been an adjustment but we are doing well here.
Such is the busy nature of our lives right now - I haven't even taken pictures of the house.  So..here is the lower front half ;)

4. Also also, Luke turned 3, and Jack turned 5.  Yes, 3 and 5.  No, I don't know where the time has gone.  We had a Lego party, I can't find the pictures.  

Thankfully, life has calmed down now.  We have been taking it slow and loving the days we have.  Brace yourself - here come the pictures.
I took the boys hiking up to Bald Eagle State Lands the week after Jack got his cast off.  We didn't go far and we didn't go fast but we went! And it was amazing. 
We have fallen hard for a nearby spot where we can just sit and throw rocks in the river, chat, giggle, and just be together.  

Our Christmas tree excursion was so fun this year, I am hoping to write up a post on it for the sake of posterity. 

My Christmas Tree Bandit.

Soaking in cousin time.
So far, we haven't had a ton of snow this year, but what we have had has been oodles of fun!

We have been doing lots of indoor fun activities, maybe I'll even write about those someday.
And last but not least, we found an alpaca farm less than five minutes from us.  I forsee us becoming friends with these foofy little dears. 

Phew - I feel like I could continue this post for days, but I won't.  Suffice it to say, life has been busy and beautiful.

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