Monday, November 21, 2016

Friendsgiving 2016

There is no easy way to jump in after a year of absolutely nothing.  But I had a minor panic attack today when I realized my lil website here had disappeared - turns out this space means a lot to me.  So let's jump right in with both feet, shall we?

This past Saturday, Matt and I hosted our second annual friendsgiving.  We tried to source as much of our food/drinks from local sources as we possibly could, so our veggies, turkey, wine, beer, meats, cheeses, and candies were all from neighboring farms.

 We popped in to the market over the ridge for our brussel sprouts (with bacon...mmmmm).
And we always have to stop at the Syrup Hut on the way home.  They make the best maple syrup candies around!

My two sous chefs were, as usual, more than eager to help with prepping the dressing and the sweet potatoes!
As far as the table setting went, the week before our party I stumbled onto an amazing find at the local thrift store.  A full set of 1930's Art Deco china, made in Bavaria.  I've never been one for china before, but I loved how unique this was!
We kept it simple with DIY leaf playmates, napkins I made out of an old tablecloth, and plastic utensils! Haha - someday I'll stumble onto a cheap silver service to go with our plates!

The kids table was not set with plates, rather we made them each a little coloring packet and crayon bundle.  The craft paper was also up for coloring!

 A few years ago I made these wine tags from simple jewelry making supplies.  Much cheaper than buying a set, and they have served us well!
 Shade Mountain Winery is also right over the ridge, so we always stock up on their delicious wines.  They make a mint wine that is so unique and delicious as a spritzer!

We picked up a HUGE turkey from a farm near the gym we go to.  Matt brined and roasted it and it was AMAZING.
He had some help with the brine from Jack.
 After this one - I got very into eating and forgot to take anymore photos! We had around 20 people this year, which was a lot of fun! And then?! We got to have a cousin sleepover!
We had a great time, and are looking forward to hosting it again next year!  - Hopefully I manage to write before that though!

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